CM10.1 BAZINGA New***

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Alıntı:How to install:
1. Full Wipe/Reset
2. Format System
3. Install Rom
4. Reboot
5. Take out Battery after first boot
6. Take in Battery
7. Boot phone normally!

* CRT Off Animation
Rotation based CRT Anim
CRT Off Toggle
* Lockscreen Features
Toggle to remove/add Camera Widget (Disabled by default)
Toggle to show/hide white frame around the widgets
Toggle to show all Widgets in Lockscreen
* PIE Control
PIE Button color can be defined
PIE button outline color can be defined
PIE selected button color can be defined
PIE trigger high can be defined
PIE trigger distance can be defined
PIE can be used without enabling NavBar
* Gesture Navigation from CM10
* Colors xD
Clock color can be defined (from Settings)
Recents Panel background color can be defined (from Settings)
Statusbar color can be defined (from Settings)
Notification Panel Color can be defined (from Settings)
background color of Quicksettings tiles can be defined (from Settings)

* Improved Touchscreen
* Added OD Rom Control (basically for new features)
* Android Version 4.2.2
* Probably fixed Audio Routing (Thanks to erikcas)
* Kernel Linaro Optimized (i know it does not bring anything new, but ok)
* Update CM Sources
* better battery life & gps
* improved stability (Thanks erikcas)
* Added Toggle for Advanced Reboot Option in Development Settings
* reworked some layout parts
* improved adb & usb
* some new additions i forgot ^^

Changelog 20130130
* Removed some Apps
* Some new old ringtones, i wanna keep is as much vanilla as i can Wink
* Transparent NotificationDrawer
* Some Layout Changes
* Maybe i missed smth, but thats ok Wink

Changelog 20130124
* Reworked Sound Binaries
* Fixed WPA2-PSK Decryption (Hotspot)
* Added CM Default Sounds, not the old ones
* Added alots of CM Normal Stuff
* Add GooManager (i have a Account, so you can stay always up-to date ^^)
* Fixed Permissions and some other things
* Added a few Apps
* Maybe i missed smth, but thats ok Wink

Changelog 20130119
* Fixed FC in Developer Options
* Added Development.apk
* New Audio Drivers (Thanks psyke83)
* Probably Fixed headphone bug
* Kernel improvements
* Removed the GalaxyGioParts (Some issues)
* updated GApps
* Made all smoother
* Added all binaries for missing System Parts
* Ofcourse last and clean CM10.1 Source Big Grin

Changelog 20130115
* Kernel linaro optimized
* Added SpareParts
* New Audio Drivers (Thanks psyke83)
* Fixed charging animation issue
* Fixed headphone bug
* Smooth as gb
* Improved Browser Code
* Re-Added the GalaxyGioParts
* updated GApps
* Added new cool performance Options
* Fixed Camera completely
* Improved GPS loc fix
*Added all binaries for missing System Parts
* Ofcourse last and clean CM10.1 Source Big Grin

Changelog 20130106
Updated GApps
* Fixed NetworkLocation
* Partially Fixed Camera
* Fixed Video Encoders
* Changed Kernel Source to Wayland_ACE one´s
* Added multiple Decoders/Encoders
* Fixed WiFi Signal State
* Fixed WiFi Tethering
* Added SetupWizard
* Enabled Dithering as default
* Disabled purging of assets
* Fixed the Strange Graphic Glitches while playing Video and Video Controls (Play, …)
* Added LiveWallpaperPicker.apk (For LiveWallpapers)
* Added FileManagerThemes.apk
* Added GMail
* Fixed random Lockscreen Widget Layouts
* Disabled MultiUser-Mode
* Fixed Charging Animation
* Fixed Ringtone Repeating while Call incomming [SEE PATCH1]

Changelog 20121228
* Backported 3.0 USB Gadget Stuff
* Fixed Bluescreen Issue
* Fixed the doubled Samsung start Kernel
* Fixed a lot of build errors while compiling
* Changed Kernel Source to Erkas one´s
* Added libpower
* Added from source compiled
* Improved Performance
* Improved App startup

Changelog 20121226
* Added Multi-User-Mode (3 Users only!)
* Added swipe Feature (Quick Settings and Notifications)
* Improved stability
* Improved performance

Changelog 20121225
* Fixed USB Mass Storage
* Fixed USB Tethering
* Fixed Youtube HQ
* Fixed RIL
* Fixed Signal State Issue (Always Low Siganl issue in Statusbar)
* Improved Stability and Omx-Hack
* Included GApps (fully working)
* Rom has only 91.19 mb now Big Grin

RIL (Data/Phone/Sms/Mic)
* 3D Acceleration
* Bluetooth!
* WiFi
* Touchscreen
* Youtube LQ/HQ
* Lockscreen Widgets
* Browser
* Sound
* Project Butter
* USB Tethering
* WiFi Tethering
* Full HW/SW Encoding/Decoding
* CM10(.1) Themes
* NetworkLocation
* Video Player
* Camcorder
* Panorama

* –

* – I/O Scheduler Settings

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